NACE Fall Post-Season Announced!
| | Monday, November 02nd, 2020 |

NACE Fall Post-Season Announced!

November 2, 2020 – After an intense regular-season with some truly spectacular competition we are now officially entering into our post-season starting tonight at 8:00pm EST.

Congratulations to the teams who are now entering into the NACE post-season!

Challengermode has been updated for Overwatch and Rocket League already! Smash Brothers Ultimate and Valorant will soon be completed.

We will send out another notification once Smash and Valorant is complete and ready to be shared.


Rocket League

Smash (Will be updated soon!)


There is a final regular season Valorant match to be played tomorrow, the bracket will be live on CM once that game is complete.


Playoff FAQ

Q: How many games are each series?

A: OW is Bo5, RL is Bo5, finals are Bo7, Valorant is Bo3, finals is Bo5, Smash is Bo3

Q: When are the games scheduled? What time are they?

A: The dates and times are on ChallengerMode /, but you can find a complete calendar of all matches here: 

All matches should start at the same time as the regular season (5 PST/7 CST/8 EST). The second Rocket League match starts at 6:15 PST / 8:15 CST / 9:15 EST

The only exception is Smash: there will be two matches each night instead of one (assuming you win your first match), we are asking teams to start the first match each Friday 30 minutes earlier at 4:30 PST / 6:30 CST / 7:30 EST. Additionally, the default start time for the second match is moved back 15 minutes to 6:30 PST / 8:30 CST / 9:30 EST. This should provide ample time to complete both matches.

Q: Can rosters be changed or updated?

A: Yes! All of the playoff teams and their existing rosters should have been migrated over into new event pages on ChallengerMode for the playoffs – your coach or captain should be able to edit the roster or add new players from your team. Please double check your rosters and make sure you have everyone listed that you intend to field this week in playoff matches.