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TLDR; We believe when esports is done right it can be a great tool to advance student experience in higher education.

The purpose of NACE is to promote the education and development of students through intercollegiate esports participation.  Member institutions, although varied and diverse, share a common commitment to high standards and to the principle that participation in organized esports competition serves as an integral part of the total educational process.

NACE embraces the concept of the student, recognizes the importance of the individuality of each member institution, and the benefits of membership in a national association.  NACE supports gender equity.  Gender equity is an atmosphere and a reality where fair distribution of overall competition, opportunity and resources, proportionate to enrollment, are available to women and men, and where no competitor, coach, or athletics administrator is discriminated against in any way in the esports program.

How to Get Started

Reach out to us via the links at the bottom of this page for either students or schools.  If you are a student we will reach out to you to either connect you with an institution to learn more about you and to possibly connect you with our member institutions. If you are a school we will reach out to understand your goals in starting an esports program and where we can help.

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