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Why Choose NACE?

We are the only association of Varsity esports programs in the U.S. with nearly all institutions with programs under one organization.  As such we’ve been able to lean on the experience of administrators who have built varsity programs for knowledge and best-practices that we are able to share with administrators interested in starting their own varsity programs.  Around the country we are talking to institutions about building, competing, and planning for their esports programs.  Additionally in August of 2017 we will be hosting the first regular-season of competition between varsity programs.  We are a 501 C 3 non-profit membership association with our leaderships being elected administrators from member institutions.

Active members in NACE must be fully accredited by an authorized higher educational accrediting agency relative to their region and/or national affiliation.

Interested in becoming a Member? Check out our Constitution and Bylaws and reach out to a staff member below.


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