Eligibility Enforcement Committee – Intent to Compete and Academic Eligibility Certificate


Below we’ve provided links to the Intent to Compete and Academic Eligibility Certificate documents and how the EEC plans to open up feedback and process membership thoughts up to the national convention.

All of this information will be on the NACE discord as well.
Please reach out in the “Eligibility Enforcement Committee” under “Leadership Discussion” with any questions you have after reviewing the documents.

NACE values feedback as part of an ever growing process to make sure all members are seen and heard throughout this process. While no document is perfect; the EEC wanted to make sure all of the documents are useful to all institutions and coincide with member institutions as well. A small note: these documents are not intended to decrease potential poaching; however they do set up a system where members can actively track their players eligibility throughout their journey through one or more member institutions. 

On that same note it is important to state that most of the documents will be created via an online platform and are subject to change minimally. The AEC and ITC can be submitted electronically and the intent is to be able to create a large enough database where we can track the progress of all students under membership and create new opportunities for advancement and value with those numbers.




Timeline of Assessment: 

Since you trusted the EEC with creating these forms; we want to hear from you about them before and after they are used. We want to make sure membership is heard throughout the process and by doing so provide to clearest process to accomplish these goals.

Date Action Platform
December 17th Release Intent to Compete and Academic Eligibility Certificate Forms Post through email/EEC channel on Discord
January 1st (Start) March 20th (End) Release Feedback Forms on ITC and AEC to Membership Post through email/EEC channel on Discord
January 17th and 30th Webinars on the ITC usage and feedback session Membership meeting with representatives from the EEC via Join.me
February 1 Turn on ITC process The ITC goes live; to be submitted to the national office
March 25th  Send out report on feedback via the feedback forms Post through email/EEC channel on Discord. This is what will go into the national convention with; giving membership a place to come with changes for the national convention.