Three NACE Starleague participants have confirmed bids to the Collegiate Rocket League North American Last-Chance Qualifier (LCQ)
| Tuesday, April 26th, 2022 |

Three NACE Starleague participants have confirmed bids to the Collegiate Rocket League North American Last-Chance Qualifier (LCQ)

April 22, 2022

Aside from being a well-funded and sustainable league, Rocket League collegiate esports is an avenue for graduates and undergraduates to begin their esports journey. Collegiate Rocket League (“CRL”) is the Psyonix-funded Rocket League league for collegiate esports in North America. With the CRL Spring Season underway, the league is working towards their first-ever CRL World Championship.           

16 total teams will come together from across North America and Europe to compete for a chance to win the CRL World Championship. Teams can qualify through official Psyonix hosted competitions (CRL) or partner leagues that’ll provide invites to the North American Last-Chance Qualifier (LCQ). The LCQ is a 56 team double elimination bracket that will take place on May 2-5. The top four teams from the LCQ will qualify for the CRL World Championship! This includes three teams participating in NACE Starleague, who will be invited to compete in the LCQ based on their performance in NACE Starleague competition. Siena Heights University, Arcadia University, and Kent State University are NACE Starleague’s confirmed CRL invitees for the CRL World Championship LCQ.  

Here is what the qualifying teams’ coaches had to say about making it into the CRL World Championship LCQ:

Coach Maria Hawkins, Kent State University:

“As a team, we were super happy with how we did in NACE (Starleague) being able to secure a place for the LCQ. We finally feel like we’re getting results that are on par with teams of our level and are super excited to see how the qualifier goes”

Coach Steven Robinson Jr., Siena Heights University:

“It’s obviously a huge blessing to even be in the position we’re in, let alone be able to continue moving forward and progressing. I think we have some more noise to make, so we’ll see how it goes!”

Coach Bill Rodgers, Arcadia University:

“This event has been amazing for our program. The team started clicking at the right time and we really came together when it mattered most. We had a Cinderella run and now we get to continue it in the LCQ.  Thank you to NACE (Starleague) for a great event and we look forward to seeing everyone at the LCQ.”

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