Morningside College

Morningside College is a private four-year college on a beautiful 69-acre urban campus in the heart of the Iowa's fourth largest city, Sioux City.

Morningside's Esports team is nearly 40 members strong and growing.The team operates from the Esports Nexus, a practice and competitive space complete with a fleet of custom-built gaming computers, chairs, and a high speed connection to the Internet. Prospective students interested in Esports have the option to pursue Talent Awards for up to $5,000 for being part of the team.

Esports is one of many competitive options found at Morningside. The college is home to 28 varsity sports and 50+ clubs and student organizations, many of which have an established regional and national reputations and championship titles. Morningside College is also home to more than 65 academic majors that enjoy an overall job and graduate school placement rate of 99%.

Morningside College prides itself on offering students an active educational experience centered on creating a personalized experience for your interests and goals. From your first year, you will be encouraged to take on professional and personal experiences that will help shape your future. It's all part of our commitment to give you a Morningside experience that cultivates your passion for life-long learning, and instills in you a dedication to ethical leadership and civic responsibility.

Morningside College is a private, four-year college affiliated with the United Methodist Church. 100% of our undergraduate students receive some type of financial aid. Our beautiful 68-acre campus is located in a residential area in Sioux City, Iowa (population: 140,000). We enroll nearly 1,300 full-time students.


1501 Morningside Ave

Sioux City, IA 51106

(712) 274-5000




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