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Bryant & Stratton Mission

Bryant & Stratton College offers a personalized career education and experience leading to high-demand professions so graduates are prepared for their careers and life pursuits.

Balancing Student Life & the Rest of Your Life

At Bryant & Stratton College, we believe that life is a series of &’s, and it’s our job to prepare students for every one of them. Every twist and every turn. Every opportunity and every setback. Every step of the way. Our students come from many different backgrounds, but they all share one thing in common: a desire to change their future.

We believe our students need more than career skills to succeed in their chosen fields. They also need life skills – the important intangibles like critical thinking, interpersonal skills, problem solving, team work, and time management. That’s why we’ve designed Career LifePrep, an experience that combines both.

With Career LifePrep, an education from Bryant & Stratton College comes with a unique set of experiences that helps prepare students at every step in their academic journey, both while in college and after graduation so they are ready for both their careers and their lives outside the classroom. And they are not doing it alone. We surround our students with a customized team dedicated to seeing them through the process, from admissions to graduation. We will talk through students’ present life situations, and evaluate current and future job opportunities to determine their best career directions and the most appropriate academic paths. Once students choose to enroll, our team of industry professionals – from admissions, financial aid, career services, and academics services – support them throughout their programs and beyond.

At Bryant & Stratton College, we partner with today’s employers to find out what they want and are looking for in employees, and we give our students that knowledge by developing courses around career-specific competencies and essential workplace skills to provide a competitive advantage in the workplace. Our degree programs represent the career options our students are interested in, ranging from accountants and business managers to nurses and paralegals. Class schedules are flexible, with on-campus daytime, evening, and weekend options and online programs enabling students to earn an education in a way that fits their lives.

Our career services team offers students support in preparing for the job search with the latest strategies in finding a job, resume review, interview preparation, and portfolio development to become not only a college graduate but whatever their career goals may be! We partner with employers in each campus location to ensure that our students graduate with an understanding of the local job markets and with connections in their fields through internship opportunities.

Help Now & In the Future

Our students graduate with more than a piece of paper. All student work is captured in a professional portfolio, including finished projects and accomplishments to show potential employers what they can do, highlighting their experiences and their education.

At Bryant & Stratton College, the support of our students doesn’t end at graduation. We are dedicated to providing ongoing help to alumni no matter when they need it. Our alumni can come back at any time for help with career strategies and advice as well as affordable continuing education options. It’s part of our commitment to seeing our students and alumni through all the &’s in life.

Be Yourself & Go Further

At Bryant & Stratton College, students aren’t just dreaming of a better career … they are doing something about it. If you’re ready to stop dreaming and start doing, get in touch with us to find out whether Bryant & Stratton College is right for exploring the &s in your life. Visit a campus near you or call an admissions representative today to get started.

The bustling Hampton Roads region of Virginia is home to two Bryant & Stratton College campuses. Our Hampton and Virginia Beach campuses are located just a few minutes apart but offer a career-ready college education to a vast population of students in the area.

Our Hampton campus is located in the Peninsula Town Center, with over a dozen academic programs offered on campus. The unique location gives students and staff alike the opportunity to work, study and play, thanks to the numerous shopping, eating and entertainment venues nearby.

Meanwhile, you’re just a short trip away from the oceanfront at the Virginia Beach campus, where students from Hampton Roads’ Southside cities can be found.

The Hampton and Virginia Beach campuses have an on-site children’s center for students with children who need child care options during their course of study. Both campuses are also home to the Bryant & Stratton College Bobcats basketball, baseball and volleyball programs in Virginia. The men’s and women’s basketball programs have established themselves as major players in the NJCAA Division II ranks, and the Bobcats now compete in softball, volleyball and track & field.



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