2017 Overwatch Season

The NACE 2017 Overwatch Season is a six-week Winner-Takes-All event for the varsity collegiate esports teams and the first of its type in the U.S..  After a six-week season, we will jump into a 2-week play off, single elimination bracket where the top 4 teams from each pool (pool A, pool B) will face off. One team will be crowned champion!

location: online

Oct. 2nd - Dec. 8th, 2017


October 2 - December 8th, 2017

Basic Format Information

Number of teams: 14

Game: Overwatch

Game Maps: TBD

Format: Round Robin to Single Elimination Bracket

Match Format: Best of Three

Check-in Requirement: 10 minutes prior to match

Auto-Forfeit Period: 15 minutes after schedule match time

Where to Watch

Check out all the action and watch streams of the competition on the NACE Overwatch page on Battlefy.





Round Robin Bracket: Group A

Round Robin Bracket: Group B

Round Robin Standings

NAC Esports 2017 National Overwatch Season Final Bracket Standings