NACE Board of Directors Member Michael Glover Announces Resignation
| Tuesday, April 05th, 2022 |

NACE Board of Directors Member Michael Glover Announces Resignation

April 5, 2022

KANSAS CITY, MO– Saturday, March 26th, Board of Directors Member Michael Glover of ECPI University announced his intent to resign from his position as a NACE Board of Directors Member, effective July 22nd, 2022. He has also resigned from his current leadership role on the board as Chair-Elect, effective immediately. All of this was in response to a recent promotion and increase of responsibilities from his university. 

Michael Glover,
ECPI University

“Serving on the NACE Board of Directors has certainly been one of the most challenging and yet rewarding endeavors in my career,” said Glover. “This is a very exciting time to be involved in collegiate esports, and I am quite proud to have been a part of leading this organization into a new era. Unfortunately, the demands of my new role at ECPI University are such that I am unable to serve this community in the manner with which it deserves. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the current Chair of the board (Joey Gawrysiak) and all of the current board members for their service, commitment to NACE, the students who compete, and collegiate esports as a whole. I leave this leadership role knowing the community is in good hands.” 

Glover has served at ECPI University for almost eight years, and has served on the NACE Board of Directors for almost three years. We are fortunate enough that Glover will still remain a valued member and leader in the NACE community, as the ECPI University Rams Esports Athletic Director.

To fill the open position of Chair-Elect left by Glover’s absence, Michael Jones of Drury University was elected by the Board of Directors during the in-person meeting on March 26th.  

Michael Jones,
Drury University

“I am honored to be elected by my peers to the role of Chair-Elect,” said Jones. “I look forward to continuing to serve our member schools in this exciting period of growth and maturation for varsity collegiate esports. NACE provides a unique opportunity for schools, directors, coaches, and students to be directly involved in shaping the future of our space and I encourage everyone to take a more active role in our association.”

Jones has served as the Head Esports Coach of Drury University for three years, and as a member and chair of the NACE Competition Council for two years. This is his first year as a NACE Board of Directors Member. 

Joey Gawrysiak,
Shenandoah University

“I can’t thank Mike Glover enough for his contributions and tireless work for NACE over the last several years as a board member and chair-elect,” said NACE Board of Directors Chair Joey Gawrysiak. “He is a constant advocate for all of NACE and is a voice that will be missed. We are excited to welcome Michael Jones in his place as chair-elect. He brings an unrivaled experience as the former completion council chair and in NACE legislation. I can’t think of a better person to serve NACE as we continue to build the best collegiate esports association for our members and our students.”

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