NACE Eligibility Enforcement Committee Nominations

Committee Eligibility

  1. To be eligible for membership on the EEC, an individual must have a position on campus that is intimately involved with the institution’s esports program.
  2. Interested parties must be nominated by a representative from a member institution.
  3. Once nominated, the Board of Directors will review each candidate and Board members will cast one vote for each vacancy.
  4. In determining the EEC members, the Board shall commit to a process that will take geographic location, institution size, and diversity into consideration to maintain a balance on the committee.

Terms of Service

  1. Each member of the EEC shall serve at the discretion of Board for a term of three years not to exceed two consecutive terms.
  2. In the event of resignation or removal, the Board shall appoint a replacement to serve out the remainder of the outgoing committee member’s term, or shall leave the opening vacant until the next election.
  3. The EEC officers shall be comprised of a chair and a chair-elect. These positions shall be appointed by the EEC from the existing members of the committee. Each officer shall serve a three-year term and shall be exempt from the term limits stated in Item 1. When the chair’s term expires, the chair-elect shall become the chair.

Committee Duties & Responsibilities

The Eligibility Enforcement Committee shall exercise authority in the following matters:

  1. Act as the interpreting body of the NACE constitution and bylaws;
  2. Review all allegations of violations of the bylaws, and may impose corresponding penalties against programs, coaches, students, and institutions;
  3. Serve as the sole arbiter of any requests for exceptions to NACE’s bylaws unless otherwise specified herein; and
  4. Work with other NACE committees and councils to develop and propose changes to the constitution or bylaws to be voted on by the membership at the annual convention.

Submit NACE Eligibility Enforcement Committee Nomination

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