The NACE inaugural National Invitational is a two-week Winner-Takes-All event for the varsity collegiate eSports teams and the first of its type in the U.S..  Maryville University of St. Louis won the championship on April 21st, 2017 as the first winner of the inaugural  national invitational.


location: online

April 10th - 21st, 2017


April 10 - 21, 2017

Basic Format Information

Number of teams: 16

Game: League of Legends

Game Map: Summoners Rift

Format: Round Robin to Single Elimination Bracket

Match Format: Best of Three

Check-in Requirement: 10 minutes prior to match

Auto-Forfeit Period: 15 minutes after schedule match time

Where to Watch

Check out all the action and watch streams of the competition on the NACE invitational page on Battlefy.


Week One Schedule – Round Robin Play

Round Robin Standings

Week Two Schedule – Single Elimination Play