Esports Excellence – The University of Guam’s Triton Esports
| | Thursday, February 25th, 2021 |

Esports Excellence – The University of Guam’s Triton Esports

John Wiglesworth, a junior web developer at the University of Guam, is serving as the interim esports coordinator for the Triton Esports program. Established in March of 2020, Triton Esports prioritized making connections on the island of Guam before entering into the North American Collegiate Esports space through a membership with the National Association of Collegiate Esports.

A self-described “closet League of Legends player”, Wiglesworth helped develop the Triton Esports program, its mission, and teaser event that debuted the program in February 2020.

“For about a week we shared information about the event on Instagram to the public. What ended up happening is that it was an eight hour event and we had this non-stop stream of people from the community taking off work coming by to see what was going on. We had set up about 10 PCs and a couple console stations. We wanted to see what the community was like, and it was really cool.“

While the island of Guam is located in the Pacific with a drastic time difference to the continental United States, it is a United States territory. Wiglesworth and his colleagues at Triton Esports are hard at work setting up scrimmages with NACE schools in North America to identify room for improvement in its teams, as well as foster connections with other programs.

Wiglesworth was proud to share that the program has a deep foundation in leadership development, and said he was overwhelmed by the networking opportunities that NACE provided to the Triton Esports program.

“This program is a leadership program. That’s how we’ve built it. The purpose of this program is to develop leaders. People who are physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally fit to lead, and who are learning all of the skills you would in a traditional team setting, through esports.”

Triton Esports can be followed on Instagram at or on twitch at . Watch the video below to learn more about Triton Esports.