Esports Excellence- Artemis Rainn
| | Thursday, June 03rd, 2021 |

Esports Excellence- Artemis Rainn

Artemis Rainn, a graduate student and graduate assistant at Boise State in the esports program, is participating in their third year on the Boise State Overwatch team. Rainn has strengthened their skills through different experiences in the gaming and esports community, both before and during their time at Boise State.

Broadening their already wide span of experience, Rainn started shoutcasting for Boise State esports approximately 18 months ago. Rainn is typically the program’s shoutcaster for Rocket League and Overwatch, and occasionally hosts broadcasts.

“I originally was my own twitch streamer, I had my own career through that. I was sustaining myself through twitch, and then had the opportunity to come in to the Boise State esports broadcasting and production program, and kind of add my own kind of ‘Arti sparkle’ to it has been really fun,” said Rainn. “So it’s an opportunity that I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for. “

Being involved in the esports program not only helped Rainn develop technical skills, but interpersonal skills as well.

“I’ve always been that kind of person that wants to keep everybody happy. In reality, it’s a team sport, it’s a team effort, it doesn’t just fall on the shoulders of one person,” said Rainn. After a talk with Boise State’s director of esports Chris “Doc” Haskell, Rainn became interested in non-violent communication and now designs courses around that framework.

Rainn is currently studying Education Technology Development at Boise State. They attribute the steady continuation of their education to the support of the Boise State esports program through multiple family deaths.

“I honestly would not have been able to continue going through school at the pace and speed I did had I not had my esports family to turn to when I was genuinely in emotional distress, and they were my place of solace during that time,” said Rainn. “I’ve grown so much since I’ve joined this program.”

To learn more about Rainn’s experience in the Boise State esports program, watch the video interview linked below.